The Lonsdale Trust Wallasey

Professional Adult Care Services

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Allocated Day Care       -   ADC                                             £50/day - £25/day if paid for in advance
The Odd Day                  -   TOD                                            £30/day - registration and pre-booking required, limited spaces
One to One Care            -   OTO                                            £10/hour
Reablement Pathway   -   Prices tailored to individual need and tapered as optimum wellbeing achieved

Call 0151 630 2076 or email us at [email protected] 

The Lonsdale Trust Wallasey is a small, independent charity - No: 213990 - and receives no grants or other public funding
Contributions to our vital work help us to subsidise our services so that they are affordable to all
Gifts can be made directly to: HSBC plc   Sort Code: 40-45-14 Account No: 81650726